Cloud Payments 210 (required): Building Value in the Network

In this course, we will explore the fundamental value propositions and growth drivers for networked platform businesses. From building a community of users, then giving them meaningful ways to interact, to complementing those interactions by augmenting the value of of those interactions as they traverse the platform, network businesses drive more participants — and derive more value — from each incremental participant and transaction. This virtuous cycle is at the heart of successful network businesses.

Cloud 210 Lesson 1: The Network Effect Landscape


In this course we’ll cover the basics of how network businesses operate, how they cycle for growth, and how they drive more value in that growth.  To understand payments is to understand the fundamentals of how network businesses work. (Read More)

Cloud 210 Lesson 2: The Network Effect Evolution


Payments are a network business. Any enterprise that requires the participation of two parties at the same time is a networked one. This is particularly true of electronic payments, in which a physical electronic network underpins the commercial enterprise of value exchange between buyers and sellers. (Read More)

Cloud 210 Lesson 3: The Network Effect Implications


How exactly will platform network payments businesses grow over the coming years using this mantra? So much is changing in the world of payments, and competition is coming from so many quarters. (Read More)


Cloud 210: Exam


Today we are reviewing the fundamentals of the network effect and the value propositions that are so critical to the success of network payments models. (Read More)



Cloud 210: Exam Results


Here’s hoping you haven’t lost your taste or touch for our regular weekly class quiz. (View Results)