Apple Pay

Is Apple Pay The (Real) Blackberry Killer?

Since the unveiling of Apple Pay, the entire focus of payments has focused on what Act II will look like, give Act I’s very exciting conclusion.  .

Apple Pay notably grabs onto next-gen tokenization technology as the solution to myriad NFC problems that  Blackberry and Android devices struggled to find.

Seeking Alpha’s Kofi Bofah declared in his recent article that “Apple Pay will effectively lock BlackBerry out of another solid revenue stream.”

However, others have noted that the NFC solution doesn’t matter if NFC is in an of itself something that won’t ignite.  Few merchants have it, there is not business case of it yet,  it’s expensive to install, and tokenization is a solution that will work as well with a cloud based mobile infrastructure, notes Seeking Alpha commentator Piyush Arora 

Also Apple doesn’t own tokens, and works with Visa and MasterCard as the actual token issuers. Visa and MasterCard issue tokens for as little as $0.025 per transaction, and which means BlackBerry can launch its own “BB Pay,” as a tokenized system, though the reporter doubts it will.

“If BlackBerry’s turnaround is successful, it can enter the payment-servicing industry anytime it wants,” Arora writes.

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