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Startup Claims Click-Through Rate Spike Of 3 To 5 Times

No matter how great the product, some customers just don’t want to read your emails. But what if there was a way to know exactly when they do?

That’s the premise behind, a startup focused on email marketing. The company announced on its blog that it recently launched a new algorithm that CEO Rob Lane claims has driven proven and repeated success, drastically increasing the click-through rate of its clients’ emails by timing messages based on past purchasing histories. When the customer is predicted to be the most interested in revisiting a retailer’s site,’s software suggests a timely email to nudge the shopper in the right direction.

“Anyone who’s ever purchased anything online knows the relentless spam that’s certain to follow,” Lane said. “Our predictive email solution is fundamentally changing this practice by creating interesting and timely follow-up emails. Since we quietly launched in February, we’ve sent over 17 million emails that are directly attributable for $2.3 million in incremental revenue for the stores. Why settle for poor click-through rates when you can use your stores transactions to make email relevant to the reader on any device they use.”

If’s new service can do what it claims it can, it could be a boon to a retail industry that has been trying to untie the Gordian knot of email for decades. Researchers have broken down where and when consumers check their emails through desktop computers and mobile smartphones, but being able to quantify a customer’s specific level of interest given his or her purchase history is an opportunity too good to pass up.

“We switched from sending emails to one group of people to a ‘web’ of emails, which are segmented, incredibly personalized and running on automated triggers according to each individual’s behavior,” Sebastian Kaufmann, CEO of Kaufmann Mercantile, said as part of the blog post. “In short, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in returning customers, and that’s made a major impact on our bottom line.”

Time will tell if Kaufmann’s revolutionary experience with email marketing is an exception or the new rule.

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