Payments And Commerce In 2016: Six Months In

Now that we're in June, that means we've almost made it halfway through 2016. And as everyone in payments and commerce knows, time in these industries move fast.

So what has the industry learned about payments and commerce in the first six months of 2016, and how can others in the industry apply that knowledge moving forward? PYMNTS spoke with nine executives across those sectors to get their takes on the year 2016 so far.

Those executives include: Todd King, AOC Solutions Chief Product Officer; Scott Fitzgerald, SVP at BlueSnap; Mike Massaro, Flywire’s CEO; Michael Reitblat, Forter CEO; Anand Ramakrishnan, Opus Consulting’s CEO; Rudolf Booker, Payvision’s CEO; Paul Bridgewater, Sage Payment Solutions CEO; Glen Fossella, Urban FT's EVP, Enterprise Growth and Chris Uriarte, Vesta’s Chief Strategy and Payments Officer.

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