Today In Payments: Razer Eyes Banking Licenses In US, Europe; Square CEO Jack Dorsey Bullish On Bitcoin

In today’s top news, gaming hardware firm Razer eyes expanding into banking operations in the U.S. and Europe, and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is all in for bitcoin. Plus, real-time payments now reach 70 percent of checking accounts in the U.S.

Gaming Hardware Maker Razer Eyes Banking Licenses In US, Europe

Razer Inc., the gaming hardware manufacturer, is eyeing expansion into banking in the U.S. and Europe, nine months after the California-based company applied for a license to open a bank in Singapore.

Twitter, Square CEO Jack Dorsey Bullish On Bitcoin

Square CEO Jack Dorsey is all for bitcoin, he told Reuters, calling it “probably the best manifestation” of a native currency. Last month, Square generated $875 million of bitcoin revenue and $17 million of bitcoin gross profit during the second quarter of 2020, up 600 percent year over year.

RTP Network Reaches 56 Pct Of US Checking Accountholders

The Clearing House (TCH) announced that banks that hold 70 percent of the nation’s checking accounts now have access to real-time payments.

Peloton Passes One Million Connected Customer Mark

The digital beat goes on for Peloton as the connected fitness company sprinted past expectations for its Q4 as well as metrics for its full fiscal year 2020.

Report: How Installment Payment Options Help Small Retailers Play Big

Small retailers are competing in an increasingly crowded eCommerce space, but offering payment options that resonate with consumers’ financial needs can give them a boost, says Markesha Tillman, founder of women's clothing eTailer The Slay Brand. In this month’s Buy Now, Pay Later Tracker, Tillman discusses how installment payment plans can help small businesses level the playing field with large eTailers and attract a wider customer base.

NEW DATA: The State Of Main Street Businesses Six Months Into The Pandemic

Here’s some good news: More than half of all Main Street businesses now say they’re optimistic about their survival. But while these businesses are feeling more confident, a lack of capital could leave more than two-thirds at risk of a cash flow crisis that could cloud their future. PYMNTS’ new Main Street’s Six-Month Checkpoint report is the latest in our series of Main Street business studies that also shed light on the five measures that can help keep Main Street businesses healthy and thriving.

How 9/11 Helped Shape Today’s (Digital) Payments Landscape

The nearly two decades since 9/11 bring perspective on how life has changed — and how those changes have become commonplace, perhaps even taken for granted.



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