Recon, Intel’s Latest Acquisition Of A Series In Wearable Technology

Vancouver-based Recon Instruments, a smart eyewear company, was bought yesterday (June 17) by wearable-tech-hungry Intel, after buying smartwatch maker Basis last year. According to Recon CEO Dan Eisenhardt’s blog post, Intel, which wants to play an active role in the wearable revolution, is an ideal partner.

According to PCWorld, Intel will continue selling the Recon goggles as well as designing new products. Eisenhardt believes that being part of Intel will bring a new level of efficacy and speed that’s beyond the reach of a pioneer in a new market. But it will also give its developer relations program that extra push to successfully grow as well, as a rare opportunity to benefit from Intel’s extensive experience in technology.

Intel is actively pursuing a range of products and initiatives with the goal of accelerating wearable device innovation. The company’s strategy is to create wearable reference devices, SoCs and other technology platforms ready to be used by customers in development of wearable products.

Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, made his commitment to wearable technology very clear shortly after assuming his current role in 2013. “The rise of new personal computing experiences, intelligent and connected devices, and the wearable revolution are redefining the relationship between consumers and technology,” said Krzanich, Intel CEO, back in January.

The chipmaker hopes that this new partnership will have a spill-over effect on other of its work related to phones and tablets. PCWorld quotes Josh Walden, a senior vice president and general manager in charge of Intel’s New Technology Group, who said that “The growth of wearable technology is creating a new playing field for innovation, and we’ve made tremendous strides in developing products and technologies to capture this next wave of computing.”

Intel is already collaborating with Oakley as well as with Fashion eyeglass designer Luxottica to conceive new “smart glasses.” It is also busy making a high-end smart bracelet called the MICA (for My Intelligent Communication Accessory) with luxury retailer Opening Ceremony.

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