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Amazon Launches AI-Powered Image Generation Tool for Advertisers

Amazon Debuts AI-Powered Image Generation Tool for Advertisers

Amazon Ads introduced a new generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution for image generation, aimed at helping advertisers enhance their ad campaigns and create more engaging content.

Now in beta, this image generation tool enables brands to produce lifestyle imagery that improves the performance of their ads, Amazon said in a Wednesday (Oct. 25) press release.

For instance, an advertiser may have standalone images of their product — such as a toaster — against a white background. However, when the same toaster is placed in a lifestyle context, such as on a kitchen counter next to a croissant, in a mobile Sponsored Brands ad, the click-through rates can increase by up to 40% compared to ads with standard product images, according to the release.

For those without in-house capabilities or agency support, the tool allows the creation of brand-themed imagery, the release said. For larger brands, it provides more efficient ways to develop creative content.

The tool is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise, per the release. Advertisers can access image generation through the Amazon Ad Console, where they select their product and click “Generate.” The generative AI technology then produces a set of lifestyle and brand-themed images based on the product details within seconds. Advertisers can further refine the images by entering short text prompts and create and test multiple versions to optimize performance.

Amazon Ads has already begun rolling out image generation to select advertisers and plans to expand its availability over time, according to the release. The company aims to continuously improve the tool based on customer feedback.

The launch of this capability comes about six weeks after Amazon added generative AI capabilities to help sellers create and manage their product listings. With that technology, Amazon’s AI can create product descriptions and titles based on information provided by the seller. The seller can then review and refine the generated content before submitting it to the Amazon catalog.

In another development in the space, Meta said Oct. 4 that it will begin rolling out generative AI-powered features for ad creatives. Among them are a Background Generation feature that allows advertisers to create multiple backgrounds that complement their product images, and an Image Expansion feature that adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across various surfaces.

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