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IBM Expands Partnership With AWS to Boost Generative AI Solutions

IBM has announced an expansion of its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to further advance the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

The partnership aims to assist mutual clients in operationalizing and deriving value from generative AI, according to a Wednesday (Oct. 18) press release from IBM. As part of this initiative, IBM Consulting plans to train 10,000 consultants in generative AI expertise on AWS by the end of 2024.

IBM Consulting and AWS have already been offering AI solutions and services to clients across various industries. Now, they are set to enhance these offerings with generative AI capabilities, enabling clients to integrate AI quickly into their business and IT operations on AWS.

Some of the specific solutions include Contact Center Modernization with Amazon Connect, which uses generative AI to enhance voice and digital interactions between chatbots and live agents, and Platform Services on AWS, which now incorporates generative AI to improve cloud value chain management.

Another offering is the Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS, which will introduce a virtual assistant to expedite and augment the work of supply chain companies. Furthermore, IBM Consulting plans to integrate AWS generative AI services into its proprietary IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator, facilitating clients in modernizing their operations on AWS.

“Enterprise clients are looking for expert help to build a strategy and develop generative AI use cases that can drive business value and transformation — while mitigating risks,” said Manish Goyal, senior partner, global AI and analytics leader at IBM Consulting. “Paired with IBM’s AI heritage and deep expertise in business transformation on AWS, this suite of reengineered solutions with embedded generative AI capabilities can help our mutual clients to scale generative AI applications rapidly and responsibly on their platform of choice.”

With over 40 years of combined experience in AI solutions, IBM and AWS have been working together to meet the increasing demand for AI adoption. The partnership aims to achieve enterprise AI at scale through a human-centric, principled approach that ensures alignment with clients’ values and standards, mitigates bias and manages data security, per the release.

As PYMNTS reported earlier this month, IBM Consulting is on track to grow, with analysts predicting that AI projects will add $1 billion in 2024 and $2 billion in 2025.