Sportradar: AI Transforms Sports Data Sector

Sportradar: AI Transforms Sports Data Sector

Sports technology firm Sportradar is using artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time sports data analysis.

Officials from the Swiss company discussed the potential of AI to boost liquidity trading in real-time analysis of deep sports data, during an earnings call Wednesday (May 10).

The issue came up after the company revealed it had increased investment in AI, prompting an analyst question on how Sportradar expected the technology to drive revenue.

“The industry is in a transformation process, so we are replacing human beings collecting sports information with digital systems,” CEO Carsten Koerl said. “So that’s a continuous process, and it will be rolled out over most of the sport. What it provides is much deeper insights into the sport. What it provides is that we can create new value-creating products for our clients.”

He said the company had already created value for clients in the areas of racket sports and is working “in the background heavily” with the NHL and NBA “on using that deep data” to create insights.

“It’s probability creation which we can do with this massive new data which we get,” Koerl said. “And of course, we can drive new innovative products. So, the answer is that’s an industry transformation, and the market is very hungry for data and for the products which are based on this.”

Elsewhere on the AI front, Microsoft is planning to sell a privacy-focused version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to business customers worried about regulatory compliance and data leaks.

“Many businesses harbor worries around the fact that AI platforms store their data on external servers and often continually re-train their AI’s large language models (LLM) by leveraging user-submitted information,” PYMNTS wrote Wednesday.

Thus, a query about a company-specific proprietary process could be used to inform an answer to a competitor’s request of a similar nature, provided both organizations use ChatGPT. To avoid that scenario, Microsoft’s private solution will operate on its own dedicated servers.

Meanwhile, gaming platform Roblox said during its earnings report Wednesday that it has launched two AI accelerators to help creators.