FlitWays Goes After Fortune 1000 With Corporate Travel Booking Suite

FlitWays, a B2B company that helps businesses book ground travel and streamline expense management processes, has enhanced its services and added new features, the company said Monday (July 10).

The company announced news of its Enterprise-level booking suite, a way for companies to streamline booking, expense management and transportation for various circumstances, including events and meetings. New features include Cost Benefits, automated compliance, a central reporting system for employees who travel and ways for executives to establish travel restrictions or qualifications on vehicle types, employee reimbursement and more.

“Since inception, FlitWays has been designed with enterprise capability in mind,” said Zacky Hamraz, FlitWays’ director of growth, in a statement. “We provide ease of booking for travel managers, employee preferences and many more. We are elated to release these new features and functionalities to help our corporate clientele worldwide. Our goal is to grow corporate sales and target Fortune 1000 companies that need corporate ground transportation solutions.”

The corporate travel industry has garnered much attention from FinTechs in recent years, both by B2C and B2B companies. Firms like Uber and Lyft have introduced B2B services for corporate users of their solutions, and other FinTechs emerge with a focus on enterprise clients.

That means there is also significant room for payments innovation in the world of corporate travel as these players introduce digital and mobile ways to pay for business trips.

Rocketrip CEO Dan Ruch recently spoke with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster about the potential for this industry to help businesses save money and help FinTechs make more money. Businesses spend $1.25 trillion every year on travel, so understanding how employees spend their companies’ money on trips can be key to streamlining T&E, saving money and adhering to corporate policy.