AccountantsWorld Launches Employee-Facing Mobile Payroll App

Small business accounting solutions provider AccountantsWorld is rolling out a new mobile payroll solution designed for employees of small businesses.

A press release published Friday (November 16) said AccountantsWorld rolled out the Employee Portal Payroll Relief (EPPR) app, which integrates with its Payroll Relief platform designed for accountants to provide payroll solutions to their small business clients. The EPPR solution is an employee-facing tool that links professionals to payroll and HR information, including past pay stubs and W2 forms.

The app also allows employees to update their HR information an to upload additional tax forms from their mobile device. Push notifications also alert employees of payday.

“The launch of Employee Portal Payroll Relief is our latest evolution of streamlining payroll for all, bringing the simplicity and functionality of mobile technology to mobile business employees,” said AccountantsWorld Co-Founder Sharada Bhansali in a statement. The company added that employees are increasingly demanding digital, mobile-friendly solutions to manage their professional lives, yet small business owners often struggle to obtain the resources necessary to develop their own tools for their workers.

AccountantsWorld also plans to introduce a counterpart of the employee-facing app for small business owners and their accountants to gain mobile access to payroll data.

In an earlier interview with PYMNTS, Chandra Bhansali, the firm’s other co-founder and its chief executive officer, emphasized the “need for education, especially among smaller business players, regardless of vertical,” about the value in outsourcing accounting and payroll solutions.

Other B2B FinTechs have been expanding their payroll services designed for small businesses as of late. Earlier this month Square augmented its own small business payroll solution by partnering with employee benefits solutions providers to integrate into the platform.

“We’ve heard again and again from sellers what a pain point payroll is,” said Square seller lead Ayssa Henry in a statement at the time.