B2B Payments

Amadeus Partners With Troovo For B2B Travel Pay Automation

Amadeus‘ B2B wallet will now integrate Troovo‘s technology to help automate the process of virtual travel payments, according to a press release.

The company will use Troovo’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine in an attempt to get key data on travel payments and bookings automated and seamless, moving between the booking system and the Passenger Service System (PSS) or the hotel Property Management System (PMS) via a software robot, according to the release.

The release states software robots are easy tools that can be used to do basic processes for businesses, such as entering a 16-digit card number or computing travel booking details.

By using the robot, companies can potentially do away with human errors and other faulty processes through traditional systems integrations work. By combining this with Amadeus’ B2B wallet, customers can use the right virtual card for each specific digital payment, between pre-paid, credit or debit, according to the release.

In return, Troovo will benefit from Amadeus’ wide global reach and new opportunities for customer requirements in the Asia-Pacific region, along with a single point for users to pay any type of virtual payment with more transparency and better control, the release states.

The U.S. travel economy has seen a $195 billion shortfall due to the pandemic and could continue seeing declines in revenue.

Damian Alonso, head of Payer Services at Amadeus Payments, said the teamwork would help businesses access faster, more efficient payments.

“Even though our industry is in challenging and uncertain times, payment innovation has remained resilient given the typically low implementation burden and incremental contribution towards both cost reduction and revenue collection,” Alonso said, according to the release. “As we navigate the pandemic and begin to reimagine how travel agencies pay providers, it’s important we strive for the most automated and efficient approach possible.”



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