Craigslist Adds ‘Cryptocurrency OK’ Payment Option

In one of its first notable developments since its inception in 1995, online classifieds marketplace Craigslist has updated its posting details form to include a new payment option.

In addition to myriad other payment methods and informational items users can add to their listings, the Craigslist platform is now allowing its users to accept cryptocurrency payments, according to Friday reports by digital currency news platform CoinDesk.

Users selling goods or services can indicate they accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payments by selecting a check box for “cryptocurrency ok.”

Though the form has been updated, it does not specify which cryptocurrency a user accepts, leaving that discussion for the two transacting parties to cover on their own time. Craigslist offers a contact information form, including email addresses and phone numbers, allowing listers and interested buyers to communicate about terms.

The marketplace did not announce the addition of the cryptocurrency checkbox when it updated its payment options. Instead, it was noted by a Reddit user on Thursday (Dec. 7).

Volatile cryptocurrency bitcoin has made international waves of late, with some big-name investors backing the growing digital currency, some national governments banning its mining or use as a payment method and still others claiming it to be either a boon or a dangerous bubble.

At least 36 heists have been perpetrated against cryptocurrency exchanges since 2011, most notably the 2014 collapse of bitcoin market Mt. Gox. More recently, the attack against NiceHash highlights the digital security issues and risks associated with investment in cyber-based currencies, particularly as they continue to grow in value.

Craigslist’s decision to add the “cryptocurrency ok” checkbox on its posting details form likely stems from digital currencies’ growing proliferation. Though relatively small, comparatively, it is a large move for a platform that has made few changes to its marketplace in its more than 20-year run.


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