Integrates FedEx Supply Chain Tech to Innovate Its Merchants


Merchants using’s eCommerce tools will now be able to track the entire online retail process with its integration with FedEx Dataworks, a supply chain and data management platform.

The partnership was announced in a Wednesday (Nov. 16) press release and will give merchants access to a wider range of digital retail management and tracking solutions.

From optimized user experiences to fulfillment, supply chain and inventory management to faster shipping channels, the team-up aims to expand eCommerce management at a crucial time.

Right now, there’s a growing trend for consumers looking to do their holiday shopping online through eCommerce channels, so having a more streamlined look at the data behind its eCommerce shoppers will give an edge over its competitors.

According to a recent PYMNTS report, “Digital Economy Payments: The Rise Of Mobile eCommerce,” eCommerce represents 21% of total retail sales, and eCommerce conducted on mobile devices is projected to account for 44% of all digital sales by 2025.

If these trends continue upward, eCommerce platforms like will need to continue modernizing and refining their data management to keep up with the growing consumer demand.

Omair Tariq, CEO and co-founder of, said of the FedEx Dataworks partnership, “The powerful data insights from FedEx on the post-purchase experience will allow us to create unparalleled solutions that deliver consistency and confidence for merchants as they manage their business and engage with their customers while delivering a simple and reliable e-commerce journey for consumers.”

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FedEx made a similar eCommerce play earlier this month (Nov. 2) with the launch of its new ShopRunner app. The company’s subsidiary brand’s new app gives customers access to simplified purchasing, shipping, tracking and returns through the app’s innovative platform.