Lightspeed Commerce Unveils Retail Platform

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Commerce platform Lightspeed has launched Lightspeed Retail, an offering that combines advanced POS, payments and eCommerce into one platform.

“Leveraging the power of headless commerce, powerful integrations and a completely reimagined interface, Lightspeed Retail is the ultimate commerce platform to help business owners elevate their strategy while managing the complex challenges of the evolving retail landscape,” the company said in a news release Thursday (May 5).

The Montreal-based company said the platform gives merchants access to customized commerce tools to meet the needs of their businesses.

The product is available on all platforms in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the U.K. and South Africa.

Lightspeed said the product is arriving on the market “at the right moment,” citing new data from a Lightspeed and Checkmarket survey of more than 7,200 global merchants and consumers that found that omnichannel retailers are seeing faster revenue growth than any other sector.

“We’ve truly built a product for every retailer, whether they’re starting out, scaling, or expanding globally, with tightly-integrated technology all in one tool,” said Lightspeed Retail GM Ana Wight.

Earlier this year, Lightspeed formed a partnership with women’s fashion business Intermix to improve digital transformation and sales.

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The partnership involves Intermix using the “NuORDER by Lightspeed” platform, letting it analyze assortments in categories and regions, get products set up on their eCommerce site and complete wholesale orders quicker.

In addition, the partnership lets Intermix use the tagging capabilities of the platform to expand on exclusives, fuel personalization and complete orders based on data-driven decisions.