28% of US Consumers Shopped Exclusively Online on Black Friday

28% of US Consumers Shopped Only Online on Black Friday

eCommerce continues to gain ground among Black Friday shoppers.

According to PYMNTS Intelligence in the study “Black Friday 2023: Consumers Widen Their Search for Holiday Bargains,” 48% of consumers in the United States made Black Friday purchases online. Of those, 28% shopped online exclusively.

Black Friday shopping channels

A total of 37% of U.S. consumers shopped in physical stores on Black Friday. Of those, 16% shopped exclusively at brick-and-mortar locations.

Thirty-five percent of U.S. consumers did not shop at all on Black Friday.

The study found that modern Black Friday shoppers are more inclined to search for bargains, turning to online sources rather than physical stores to do so. eCommerce allows them to better compare prices and hunt for the best deals, as well as find exclusive offers.

Before Black Friday, brands activated advertising campaigns, especially on the web and social networks, which seemed to impact sales. PYMNTS Intelligence found that one-third of consumers said they were influenced by website advertising, and 17% identified it as the primary catalyst that shaped their Black Friday purchases.

As social media platforms continue to dominate the consumer landscape, influencers wield considerable power in shaping opinions and preferences. Their authenticity and relatability resonate with audiences, creating a sense of trust that traditional advertising often struggles to achieve. PYMNTS Intelligence found that 30% of consumers acknowledged social media as a factor in their Black Friday buying decisions.

This year, online sales on Black Friday in the U.S. registered a record $9.8 billion, representing an increase of 7.5% over 2022. The increase in sales was driven by demand for electronics, smartwatches, TVs and audio equipment, with consumers helped by buy now, pay later (BNPL) options, the use of which rose 72% from the week before Thanksgiving.

The record-breaking online sales seem to have had a positive impact on eCommerce-focused retailers. Stocks of companies such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and Wayfair were up in the days after Black Friday, CNBC reported.

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