Discover Joins The ‘Quick Chip’ Bandwagon

“Quick Chip” seems to be the trendiest phrase in the financial services industry when it comes to EMV migration.

Following similar advancements from Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Discover has launched Discover Quick Chip in order to improve checkout experience and provide merchants a method to streamline chip card payments at the POS. This option will be for all merchants accepting chip cards using the Discover, Diners Club International and PULSE networks.

Like its counterparts, Discover says its Quick Chip option will reduce transaction times at the POS, which has the chance to make the checkout experience faster and filled with less friction for both the merchant and cardholder. Discover Quick Chip also offers merchants and acquirers an additional option when processing chip card payments.

“Discover is providing this new option in order to offer merchants and cardholders a streamlined checkout experience,” said Ellie Smith, head of the Chip Center of Excellence at Discover. “This initiative further expands and complements Discover’s wide range of existing programs that support chip deployment.”

Beyond the Quick Chip addition, Discover’s EMV programs are focused on providing industry education and training to streamline certification initiatives, including access to multiple approved certification service providers, acquirer self-certification and support.

Visa launched “Quick Chip for EMV” on April 19, and not long after, MasterCard launched its M/Chip Fast solution. Amex Quick Chip launched earlier this month on June 15.


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