Samsung Pay Expands To The Web - and Opens Up For Apple Users

Samsung is branching its payment platform out into web payments with the launch of  of a smartphone app that will make it easy for consumers to use Samsung Pay for web-based transactions. That report comes via unnamed sources and originated in the Electronic Times - a South Korean news outlet.

Reports indicate the new app will be called Samsung Pay mini - and it will work not only on Samsung devices - but also on any Android or Apple Inc devices. The new web service could launch as early as June - the mobile payments instore experience is only available on Samsung product - though Samsung has said it would consider placing a modified version onto another manufacturer's product.

So far there are no reports as to when or if the platform will be available outside of South Korea. Online payment services are currently available in South Korea - though they are reportedly a bit hard to use and require multiple steps.

Samsung has no official comment on the reports as of yet.


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