New Apple Card Users Can Earn $50 For Shopping At Walgreens

New Apple Card Users Can Earn $50 For Shopping At Walgreens

Apple and Walgreens are now partnering to offer new cardholders a $50 Apple Card bonus after they spend the same amount of money at Walgreens, CNBC reported.

Cardholders who open their accounts this June will have access to that $50 bonus after they also spend $50 at Walgreens over the next 30 days. The Apple Card bonus will come in Daily Cash, which is somewhat like cash back, except it is issued at the end of each day.

To utilize the perk, customers can log onto the Walgreens iOS app, click on “Weekly Ads & Coupons” and then find the option for the new offer and click “Apply Now.”

The new bonus is in addition to the existing bonus between the two companies, where cardholders can access a 3 percent cash back reward on items at Walgreens or Duane Reed stores if the user pays with Apple Pay in-store or via mobile.

The other limited-time offer that is now available will let Apple cardholders access that 3 percent cash back at Walgreens drive-through locations through the end of July 2020. The reward rate is higher than the 1 percent cash back that Apple Pay typically offers.

Holders of the Apple Card can also access the 3 percent cash back at a plethora of other locations: Apple (including Apple retail stores, the Apple online store, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music and other Apple-owned properties), on Uber and Uber Eats, in T-Mobile stores and at Nike, according to CNBC.

The best way to maximize Apple Card’s competitive cash back is to utilize the Apple Pay app rather than the physical card, as  Apple Pay purchases earn 2 percent cash back and physical card purchases typically earn 1 percent cash back.

Due to the pandemic’s economic turmoil, Apple and Goldman Sachs are allowing customers to defer payments on the Apple Card for now, without interest charges. The companies said they understand the financial difficulties some cardholders might be experiencing, given the rise in unemployment.