79% of Merchants Tout Importance of Digital Coupons In-Store

In striving to keep consumers spending, retailers are increasingly turning to tech-enabled ways to keep some competitive advantages in place.

As detailed in the report “Big Retail’s Innovation Mandate: Convenience and Personalization,” a PYMNTS and ACI Worldwide collaboration, more than 300 retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom weighed in on what they thought the most important considerations would be — in terms of digital tools — to keep foot traffic flowing — and to keep consumers loyal. U.S. merchants had at least $1 billion in annual revenues, while those in the U.K. had revenues of at least $127 million.

Data showed that the in-store experience must be convenient and personalized.

Digitization is also key to the mix as consumers prowl the aisles. Only half of retailers are satisfied with their current digital tools and the customer experiences they can offer, which indicates a realization that if they do not mesh the brick-and mortar and online experiences into a seamless continuum, consumers will vote with their feet.

The chart details the digital capabilities that these merchants — across general retail, grocery and convenience stores, and automotive segments — deem the most important. Mobile apps are up there; so are coupons and rewards.