Kroger Begins Rollout Of Mobile Pay, Loyalty Rewards Card

Kroger, one of America’s largest supermarket chains, is introducing a new mobile payment option and a loyalty rewards card, according to reports.

The mobile payment option, called Kroger Pay, is available in any Kroger apps for both Android and iOS. At the terminal, shoppers can either use biometrics, enter a custom code or take advantage of the app’s QR code functionality to provide payment and loyalty card info. The app can even use coupons and personalized offers from the store.

“Kroger Pay is one of the few mobile wallets that pairs loyalty and payment,” said Mary Ellen Adcock, the group VP of operations at Kroger. “The application of this exciting technology is another step in our front-end experience transformation.”

The mobile payment option can be linked to any major prepaid, debit or credit card, and reduces checkout time at either self-pay or regular kiosks. Paying with the app and using one of Kroger’s cards will reap extra benefits. Kroger’s new Rewards loyalty debit card also connects directly to shoppers’ accounts and doles out bonus fuel points and discounts. When the card is used with Kroger Pay, rewards double.

The program was introduced in Columbus, Ohio and will start in 10 markets before a nationwide rollout later in the year. The card is currently available in Columbus and Colorado, and is expected to be available for wide use in the spring.

“Our new Kroger Rewards debit card is a lower-cost payment option, enabling us to offer our customers additional savings when they are shopping in a store or online or fueling up,” said Gary Millerchip, CEO of Kroger Personal Finance and corporate strategy integration lead. “Through Restock Kroger, we are lowering operating costs, and our new debit card is another way we are doing just that while also rewarding customers who use it.”