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TRENDING: How Virtual Assistants Are Sous Cheffing This Thanksgiving

As turkeys soak up a few more hours of brining today, the holiday season is just about set to pop — and along with it are the to-do lists of consumers juggling duties as gift givers, gourmet chefs and party hosts. With all the stuff to do, maybe technology can finally be the next great holiday helper.

In the November edition of the Omni Developer Report, a Vantiv collaboration, PYMNTS explores the latest developments in the software space, including new mobile platforms and tools designed to use the latest technology to give consumers a helping hand.

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The mobile money tides seem to be changing.

While platforms like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have failed to attract adoption from American consumers, Walmart’s omnichannel mobile wallet play may be set to pass them both — especially as consumers visit the store more frequently during the holiday season. The company is currently enrolling “tens of thousands of new users a day,” according to Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Services and Digital Engagement, Daniel Eckert, who said he believes the company’s mobile payment method will soon pass Apple Pay.

Similarly, Venmo’s peer-to-peer (P2P) reign could be in jeopardy. Facebook recently announced it would expand its P2P payment service to allow users to send and receive money via Facebook Messenger. With the social media giant’s enormous user base, the new service could pose a threat to Venmo and other services like it, including bank-backed Zelle. The expanded rollout will start with the introduction of P2P payments for users in the U.K. and France later this year.

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Developing a New Way to Give Home Chefs a Hand

Cooking at home can be a challenge, whether you’re preparing a Thanksgiving feast or a simple family dinner.

But, in recent years, cooks of all abilities have gained access to a wealth of new recipes, tips and other cooking resources online. In a recent interview with PYMNTS for the Omni Developer Report’s feature story, Esmee Williams, vice president of Strategy for the world’s largest cooking resource database,, explained how modern innovations have brought those resources to home cooks’ fingertips.

“Behind the scenes, we’re very technology-focused,” Williams told PYMNTS. “Our vision is to be the most indispensable digital food and cooking resource. We really think of ourselves as a trusted ally for all things cooking, and, to be that, we use technology to keep things as simple as possible for home cooks.”

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