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Vantiv's Cloud Payment API triPOS Cloud Now Live

Vantiv Integrated Payments — a Vantiv company and provider of payments technology and processing services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — announced news on Monday (August 7) that triPOS Cloud, a cloud-based API for easier and faster real-time payment processing, is now live. The company said the API is available for all independent software vendors (ISVs) and merchants to process point-of-sale (POS) transactions.

In a press release, Vantiv said the cloud-based payment product is designed to provide leading-edge capabilities to any software provider implementing payments functionality. The triPOS Cloud is designed to proactively help protect customer data via Vantiv’s encryption and tokenization technologies.

“Vantiv is poised to be a leader in innovation in payments due to our open architecture model that focuses on investment in new technology, such as cloud platforms,” said Matt Downs, head of channel and business development at Vantiv Integrated Payments, in the news release. “triPOS Cloud is just another example of our strong commitment to the ISV market, thereby creating some of the most powerful integrated solutions in the market.”

Vantiv said its triPOS Cloud simplifies the complexities of payments processing as well as developer implementation, allowing users to leverage a more secure, flexible, easy-to-integrate and advanced payment solution. The payments landscape continues to change as some payments companies are acquiring ISVs and are thereby integrating vertically. Vantiv maintains an open channel model with an open technology platform, fostering broader innovation. The company also keeps its focus on not competing with ISVs and ensuring that merchants have more choices, the company noted in the release.

“With the always-present threat of data breaches, software developers rely on proactive solutions to help protect their customers’ sensitive data,” said Ryan McGee, director of security product marketing at Microsoft, in the same news release. “We are pleased that Vantiv has made a strong commitment toward security innovation and transparency, and, with the enterprise-grade security of Microsoft Azure, is addressing the rigorous security and privacy demands of customers.”



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