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AffiniPay Adds In-Person Payments to Product Suite

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Online payments provider AffiniPay has debuted in-person payments for its professional customers. 

The new offering, announced Monday (Feb. 5), is designed to integrate in-person payment devices across products and interfaces, offering “on-the-go and in-office payments and with the latest ‘tap-to-phone’ technology for mobile.”

According to the company’s announcement, the new technology will be added to AffiniPay’s professional payment solutions LawPay, CPACharge, ClientPay and AffiniPay for Associations as well as MyCase this year. 

Affinipay said the new offering will help companies see a reduction in chargeback risks while remaining fully compliant during all types of payments, including contactless debit and credit cards, debit and credit card chip inserts, and Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets.

“We are excited to provide customers with limitless options to get paid fast and secure with our prolific solutions that empower firms to go beyond,” said Dru Armstrong, CEO of AffiniPay. “AffiniPay’s new In-Person Payments technology validates firms to take more control of how they implement flexibility and amplify their services to propel client satisfaction.”

PYMNTS spoke with Armstrong last year about the digital transformation of the legal industry, where — as she put it — the focus is on the end client.

“If you look at an attorney’s week, they spend probably a quarter to a third of their time doing administrative tasks that can be automated, and beyond that — they’re probably writing down 20-30% of what they are able to invoice for. That creates 50% leakage,” Armstrong said.

Smaller businesses, such as independent and single-attorney law firms, are struggling — but digital solutions can help them compete and capture a greater market share.

“Lawyers are really smart,” Armstrong said at the time, “and I think they are smart enough to understand that with technology comes complexity and a burden — so technology inherently needs to create both [an efficiency] lift along with better outcomes for [legal businesses] and their clients.”

The announcement comes a little less than two weeks after AffiniPay added generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its legal technology offerings.

“The company’s vision is that customers will be able to utilize AI-powered conversational interfaces that will enable users to access their data and generate insights using natural language, directly within the interface,” the company said last month. 

The beta launch of the tools includes document summarization capabilities, allowing firms to quickly review case documents using AI-generated summaries, along with AI-powered text editing “to allow style updating, tone changes, and summarization.”