Forever 21 Introduces New Freestanding Store For Millennials

Forever 21

Capturing the ever-changing mindset of millennials can seem like a continual headache for retailers. From sales shifting to more online shopping to more integrated in-store demands, the retail world has been refining its approach to attract and maintain tech savvy shoppers.

One store that’s moving the ball on this initiative is Forever 21. The clothing and accessories retailer has joined up with mall owner GGP Inc. to introduce a new free standing brick-and-mortar store dubbed Riley Rose. With the opening of this new store, which already has 13 locations at GGP malls, Forever 21 will have the opportunity to experiment and focus more on social media friendly millennials.

Forever 21’s CEO, Do Won Chang, commented on what this new Riley Rose will hopefully accomplish with its new locations. He said “Forever 21 is always ready to expand into new concepts, and has partnered with GGP to open stores in 13 of their top tier locations. These new, experiential spaces will be focused on accessories, cosmetics and home goods for the millennial consumer. We will open 10 stores in 2017 and follow up with three more in 2018.”

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