Las Vegas Installs PPE Vending In Airport’s Terminals

A PPE vending machine has popped up in Las Vegas Airport

As the world learns to live with pandemic-necessitated safety measures, Las Vegas has introduced a vending machine that dispenses face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE), according to Time Out.

The machines have been placed in the McCarran International Airport. The airline industry, trying to recover from the effects of the pandemic, is taking the expected precautions, asking passengers and employees to wear them.

The vending machine will provide an easy way to make sure everyone on a flight is equipped with whatever they need. According to Time Out, the pricing is $8.25 for a KN95 mask, $14.50 for reusable cloth masks for both kids and adults, $4.50 for a pack of gloves, $4.25 to $6.50 for hand sanitizer, and $5.25 for disposable disinfecting wipes.

The machines are currently located in the ticketing area of Terminal 1 and the TSA checkpoint at Terminal 3, Time Out reported.

Airport spokesperson Christine Crews told CNN that the “world is going through behavioral modification and learning new habits, so it’s not unthinkable that someone could show up at the airport and not have the new necessities that are part of travel.”

Airlines will be responding to public cautions with enhanced cleaning procedures, including deep cleanings of carriers between flights with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved disinfectant.

There was also a vending machine for PPE spotted in New York City, selling KN95 masks for $4 each, Time Out reported.

Corsight AI, an Israeli tech firm, is developing a new facial recognition software to identify people through masks, which the company said could be useful in finding people who have tested positive for the coronavirus and are breaking quarantine.

Elsewhere in the world, temperature checks are being used to identify possible virus cases, and planes have been sending warnings ahead of time if someone is sick on board.