Mary Kay Unveils ‘Suite 13’ Digital Beauty Experience

Mary Kay Unveils ‘Suite 13’ Digital Beauty Experience

Mary Kay Inc. and its Mary Kay Global Design Studio have revealed a digital beauty experience called Suite 13, which harnesses virtual reality technology to digitize Mary Kay’s inaugural digital pop-up showroom, according to a Thursday (April 15) announcement.

The digital showroom provides a “360-degree, 3D beauty experience” to Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and consumers, according to the announcement.

“Suite 13 will provide Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants the flexibility of a digital business by being able to introduce our Mary Kay brand everywhere at any time and to elevate the way they build relationships with their customers by sharing an immersive beauty experience,” Mary Kay Chief Marketing Officer Sheryl Adkins-Green said in the announcement.

The novel Suite 13 experience lets users visit digital “rooms.” Users can be educated about the firm’s worldwide legacy once they go into the “Lobby.” The “Pink Plaza,” another virtual room, offers a view into the firm’s values. And the “Innovation Center” room features the company’s skin care products and highlights important item ingredients and benefits.

Moreover, users can put Mary Kay merchandise onto a wish list that can be provided to their independent beauty consultant through the system.

Mary Kay collaborated with experiential eCommerce platform Obsess on Suite 13’s layout. Obsess, which lets brands make interactive and digital experiences via virtual reality, has worked with different international beauty and fashion brands.

“Our platform has allowed brands to create visually appealing, immersive virtual experiences that are changing the way they engage with their customers and we are excited for Mary Kay customers to continue to discover, learn and interact with the brand in a new digital environment,” Obsess Founder and CEO Neha Singh said in the announcement.

In separate news, Perfect Corp. introduced four new contactless makeup try-on features last year. The firm’s technology now encompasses arm virtual swatch mode, face mask detection, gesture control and voice activation.