PYMNTS AM Radar: Discount Driver; Mental Health Reboot; Fraud Fighting Central; Storage Wars; Lease-to-Own Lifeline

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Today is Wednesday, April 27 and while gas prices have leveled off, the national average is still over $4 per gallon of regular. Walmart+ members, however, get 10 cents off per gallon at 14,000 Exxon Mobile across the country. Here’s what else should be on your radar this morning.

Discount Driver. Walmart is trying to lure more members to its Walmart+ membership by dangling a gas discount incentive just in time for the summer road trip season. Walmart+ members can get 10 cents off a gallon of gas at 14,000 fuel stations nationwide. READ MORE

Storage Wars. Trying to find the right images or videos can be tough on data storage and the creatives searching through thousands of giant files. Jessica Ko, co-founder and CEO of Playbook, told PYMNTS that when she was living that reality as a commercial designer, she knew there had to be a better way. READ MORE

Mental Health Reboot. The pandemic wreaked havoc on people’s emotional well-being and treatment is far from being one size fits all. Juan Pablo Cappello, co-founder at NUE Life Health, told PYMNTS that new treatments like psilocybin — a naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of fungi — are being studied. But patients need help now, not years from now when the treatment is legalized. So he’s turning to another treatment that’s already FDA approved — the drug ketamine. READ MORE

Fraud Fighting Central. As new technologies evolve so does financial crime. An ineffective or outdated risk management strategy is like having a welcome mat out for fraudsters. The “FRAML Payments Guide: How To Deploy A Holistic Risk Hub,” a PYMNTS and Featurespace collaboration, shows how an integrated approach to fighting fraud can improve outcomes. READ MORE

Lease-to-Own Lifeline. When an emergency happens — the fridge dies or the car transmission goes — the 62% of people living paycheck to paycheck need a solution. In an interview with Karen Webster, Orlando Zayas, CEO of lease-to-own (LTO) platform Katapult, said that the divide is growing between circumstances and financial capacity. READ MORE