How Saturday Skin Leverages Amazon to Checkout With Gen Z 

In the age of digital supremacy, Generation Z has positioned itself as the vanguard of a fresh wave of consumer habits. Growing up amid smartphones, social media, and immediate connectivity, Gen Z isn’t merely digitally adept — they’re consummate shoppers.  

This technologically savvy cohort isn’t merely influencing the digital landscape; they’re molding market dynamics, particularly within the beauty sector. This is precisely what skincare brand Saturday Skin, grounded in Korean beauty principles, is capitalizing on. 

In an interview with PYMNTS, Hyobin Song, the CEO of Saturday Skin, explained how the brand not only learns from Gen Z but also applies these insights to cultivate and secure their loyalty.  

“These days, most customers are reading the ingredients. And they’re very well educated, and they do more online research than ever,” Song said. 

Song said Saturday Skin sets itself apart with seven peptides created by experts in skincare science. Song also said these peptides play a central role in providing hydration, promoting skin regeneration, brightening, and delivering a range of other skincare benefits. 

Gen Z and Technology

Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, has grown up surrounded by technology. Unlike their predecessors, Gen Z has seamlessly integrated digital devices into their daily lives, shaping their communication styles, preferences, and even their approach to beauty and skincare. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat play a crucial role in how Gen Z discovers, shares, and engages with beauty products. 

Recognizing the significance of online platforms, Saturday Skin has strategically partnered with Amazon to extend its reach to Gen Z consumers.  

Song said this partnership aligns with Gen Z’s preference for convenience, accessibility, and the ability to make informed decisions through user reviews and ratings. 

Song said the majority of Saturday Skin’s sales come from online platforms, where Amazon stands out as the main channel alongside their direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform.  

However, the online presence, especially on Amazon, is more about building the brand than being the primary avenue for sales. Saturday Skin concentrates on shaping and strengthening its message through the D2C channel while maintaining an Amazon site that closely reflects its D2C platform. 

Apart from their online channels, Saturday Skin has expanded its reach through chosen retailers like Nordstrom. On an international scale, the brand can be found in Sephora outlets across Southeast Asia, as well as in New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K. 

Despite Saturday Skin being available in retail outlets and forming partnerships, Song said the bulk of sales from these sources are driven by their eCommerce platform. She said about 60-70% of sales stem from online channels. 

How Saturday Skin Fosters Loyalty

Song said that on Saturday Skin’s D2C website, a loyalty program is in place, and the brand uses direct messages and text messages to remind members about promotions and foster a connection. Through engagement on social media, Saturday Skin nourishes its relationship with its customer base. 

Song said the brand is exploring the potential of a subscription program. The idea is to offer promotions and discounts at regular intervals, possibly monthly or every few months, encouraging customers to subscribe and regularly use products like the cleansing gel. While this initiative is an ongoing process, Song says Saturday Skin remains committed to refining and optimizing its approach to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

What sets Saturday Skin apart and makes it resonate with Gen Z is its science-led approach to skincare. In a generation that values authenticity and transparency, Saturday Skin stands out by incorporating skincare science into its products. The brand’s research-backed formulations speak directly to the tech-savvy and informed nature of Gen Z consumers. 

Song noted the company’s commitment to sustainability but she also said, “When we first launched, that was kind of like the new thing in the industry, but now everyone is doing it.” 

Song added that Saturday Skin is positioning itself ahead of competitors by collaborating with Korean manufacturers to source innovative ingredients and pioneering packaging materials.  

“Even though it’s a little more cost for us, we want you to be part of the industry leader who is really changing the cosmetic industry.”