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Sift Adds PayPal and Adyen Integrations for Chargeback Management

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Sift has unveiled new integrations and automation capabilities for its Dispute Management product, providing merchants with a solution to efficiently manage chargebacks.

The latest integrations with PayPal and Adyen, two of the largest payment processors globally, allow Dispute Management customers to streamline the chargeback management process, the digital trust and safety firm said in a Tuesday (Sept. 19) press release.

These integrations enable merchants to ingest chargeback data, dynamically deliver disputes according to network requirements, confirm dispute response delivery and view win/loss outcome updates, according to the press release. By leveraging these integrations, merchants can respond to chargebacks faster and more effectively.

In addition, Sift, which is known for its expertise in fraud prevention using machine learning (ML), is now introducing new ML models to Dispute Management, the release said. These models come with automation capabilities that empower customers to proactively fight and win disputes.

One of these capabilities is Response Recommendations, an ML-powered recommendations engine that identifies opportunities to optimize dispute responses, increasing the likelihood of winning disputes and retaining lost revenue, per the release.

Neeraj Gupta, chief technology officer at Sift, highlighted in the press release the challenges faced by merchants in fighting and winning chargebacks. With different rules and updates for each card network, fraud teams need a streamlined approach to respond to disputes effectively, Gupta said. The combination of Payment Protection and Dispute Management from Sift offers a solution to this problem.

Taylor Snyder, manager of risk and compliance at online bill pay company Doxo, said in the release that the Sift Dispute Management platform makes it faster and easier to respond to chargebacks. At Doxo, the integration between Sift, the company’s payment processor and its internal tools has transformed a labor-intensive process into an efficient, automated system, Snyder said. This has not only reduced labor costs but also leveraged all available chargeback prevention tools in one platform.

PYMNTS Intelligence has found that 76% of merchants are using third-party solutions to manage chargebacks and disputes. With the need for speed in cardholder disputes, alerts and notifications are the most common function for third-party tools used by these merchants, according to “Dispute-Prevention Solutions: Protecting Profits and Customer Relationships With Third-Party Tools,” a PYMNTS and Verifi collaboration.