Influencer Aggregator LTK Helps Creators Connect Consumers With Deals

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Influencer marketing platform LTK has made it easier for creators to share deal opportunities with their fans.

“As shoppers continue to find ways to shop smarter, the new Deals tab automatically pulls in product deals and sales curated by hundreds of thousands of LTK Creators to help shoppers easily discover and shop in one location,” LTK said in a news release Thursday (July 6).

The company says its creators play an important role in guiding people’s purchase decisions, and that its Deals tab guides consumers to “the right items at the right price,” with deals automatically pulled from creator posts and populated by how recently they went on sale.

“Our goal is to create an experience that enables creator businesses to grow while delivering the most intuitive and world-class shopping destination for their followers,” LTK General Manager of Creator Shopping Kit Ulrich said in the release.

“The LTK Shopping App was made for creators to guide their followers to shop their style, and with the creation of the new deals tab, creators can focus on community building while LTK makes it easier for shoppers to discover and shop their recommendations.”

As PYMNTS wrote last month, social commerce has become one of the fastest-growing ecosystems around, valued at more than $1 trillion. The creators behind it represent one of the most valuable business owner segments for banks and other financial institutions with the acumen to think of creators as small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and tap into their needs.

In an interview with PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster last month, Marie-Elise Droga, head of Fintech at Visa, noted that creators typically can’t access lending to expand their businesses because they are treated as individual consumers.

They also rarely have access to business analytics or tools to help foster loyalty, or rewards programs that can keep customers coming back.

“It’s a mountain of an opportunity to play a role in getting that ecosystem of merchants, of financial institutions, of FinTech together to really help the creators accelerate growth and to build a safe, durable, scalable business globally,” said Droga.

Earlier this year, LTK said it would now allow brands to deliver social media advertising from content creators’ accounts.

The company said pilot programs of this effort saw brands enjoy click-through results that were 80% greater than social media averages, and sales growth of as much as 400%.

“COVID came and put [social commerce] on steroids,” Droga said. “There are north of 300 million individual creators out there — and they are ever global in nature. As financial institutions wake up to the opportunity, they need to treat creators as SMBs through the lens of the financial services they develop.”