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Peloton Creates New Hub for Fitness Content on TikTok

Peloton and TikTok partnered to offer Peloton’s workout content to TikTok users in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The partnership will create a new fitness hub on the short-form mobile video platform called #TikTokFitness on which Peloton will have a dedicated, co-branded hub housing its content, the companies said in a Thursday (Jan. 4) press release.

“We collectively recognize the way people engage with fitness is constantly changing,” Oli Snoddy, vice president of consumer marketing at Peloton, said in the release. “Our team is excited to complement TikTok’s already burgeoning fitness content by introducing the magic of Peloton to new audiences, and in completely new ways.”

Peloton’s hub, which is called #TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton, will include live Peloton classes with and without equipment required, original instructor series, ongoing creator partnerships, Peloton class clips and celebrity collaborations, according to the release.

This is the first time the connected fitness platform will produce bespoke social content for a partner outside of its own channels, the release said.

“We’re thrilled that this partnership will bring inspirational fitness content and entertain Peloton users who come to TikTok to learn, connect with instructors, share fitness journeys and find community,” Sofia Hernandez, global head of business marketing at TikTok, said in the release.

Peloton has been grappling with a decline in user engagement and a shrinking user base. As people have returned to offices and gyms after the pandemic, there has been a slowdown in demand for at-home fitness platforms like Peloton.

Peloton has been exploring various strategies in a quest to regain the success it achieved during the pandemic.

For example, early in 2023, the company launched a free tier as part of a new tiered pricing system for its app. The idea was that users would develop an attachment to Peloton’s content and upgrade to a paid membership.

“With limited marketing support, we saw more than 1 million consumers download the free version of our app,” Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy said in a Nov. 2 communication to shareholders. “Our brand relaunch was successful in continuing to resonate with our core demographic, and it also attracted more male, Gen Z, Black and Latinx groups than before the relaunch.”

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