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Codego Launches Payment App for Personal and Business Use 

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Codego Group, a company specializing in white-label crypto cards, has launched an all-in-one payment app that combines IBANs, cards and crypto-euro conversions. 

The new CodegoPay payment solution is available for both personal and business use, the company said in a Thursday (Jan. 11) press release

With the increasing demand for crypto-friendly banking services, Codego Group aims to meet this demand with its new payment solution, according to the release. 

One of the key features of CodegoPay is the ability to open a European IBAN bank account quickly and easily, according to the release. Users can also engage in secure SEPA/SEPA INSTANT transfers across 33 countries. 

The app also offers high safety standards with biometric authorization payments and a Direct Debit IBAN feature for automating recurring transactions, the release said. 

CodegoPay provides low-cost operations, with no setup costs or monthly fees associated with using the app, per the release. 

Beyond being a crypto-friendly IBAN, CodegoPay offers additional functionalities, the release said. Personal account users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from the CodegoPay dashboard using their own IBANs. Moreover, the app allows users to convert crypto assets like bitcoin to euro directly within the app, eliminating the need for accounts on crypto exchange platforms. CodegoPay provides users with the convenience of having their banking account and crypto wallet in one place. 

Businesses can open a dedicated CodegoPay Business Bank Account in Europe. This enables businesses to send and receive instant SEPA/SEPA euro payments, per the release. The app’s smart routing system ensures safe and instant euro transfers within the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). CodegoPay is electronic money institution (EMI)-regulated under the National Bank of Belgium.

In another recent development around SEPA payments, Thought Machine partnered with Form3 in October to offer banks and financial institutions an end-to-end solution for real-time payment processing

This collaboration adds SEPA Instant Credit Transfer connectivity to Thought Machine’s Vault Payments, a cloud-native and application programming interface-enabled platform.