World’s Richest Men Say Everything Will Be Fine

The world’s two wealthiest men recently expressed to a crowd of over 1,300 at Columbia University that they have hope for the future of the United States as the nation adjusts to the Trump administration.

The two were speaking to a group of students on the future after Donald Trump’s first week as president. Many are concerned about the future status of the nation.

“I am confident that America will move ahead,” Buffett was quoted as saying.

Gates reportedly expressed that, despite political differences, there is a common desire for innovation and support for research across both political parties.

“This administration is new enough; we don’t know how its budget priorities are going to come out, but there is much intensity to ensure that the executive branch and Congress encourage amazing things,” Gates reportedly said.

Forbes recently reported that Microsoft Cofounder and former CEO Bill Gates is currently worth some $85.2 billion. Warren Buffett, the man who runs conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is reportedly worth $73.9 billion.

The two have known each other for over 25 years, said Reuters. Gates is also a Berkshire director, while Buffett is donating much of his wealth to the charitable foundation set up by Gates and his wife, Melinda.

Both spoke on the importance of focusing on the long term. Gates reportedly said this was especially the case in areas such as climate change and vaccinations — calling it just as important to be sure people can get vaccines as it is to develop them.

Buffett reportedly said: “It’s very hard to have politicians think of something that’s wonderful for the country 20 years from now.” He reportedly noted that this was especially the case if the short-term impact could cost politicians reelection.

Buffett went on to say that politicians’ decisions are often “tainted” by too much money, which the multi-billionaire called “bad news.”



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