Streaming App Provider Ranking Has Two Stars Sharing the Spotlight


For the most part, this month’s Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps advances the plot with familiar pacing — but there are three exceptions that provide some bursts of action.

In this episode, two contenders now share the top spot in the rankings, as last month’s runner-up has tied the high score. That move upward left a gap in the rankings that allowed most of the other apps to gain a spot as well. However, one mover and shaker leapt three places, and another joined the top 10 after being absent last month.

Now, let’s select the show and start watching.

The Top Five

At the top of the rankings, there’s a tie between two apps that have each scored 90. YouTube was here last month, while Netflix has moved up a spot.

Two points behind with a score of 88 is Disney+. This app has moved up one level and is now the runner-up.

Also gaining a position in the rankings is Spotify. With a score of 85, this app is now ranked third.

Following the trend, Amazon Prime Video moves up one to No. 4. This app has earned a score of 83.

Also lifted by the rising tide is Pluto TV. With a score of 82, this app is running fifth.

The Top 10

There’s another tie at No. 6, with two apps achieving scores of 77. Hulu steps up one spot from where it was last time, while CBS — Full Episodes And Live TV leaps three places. The latter has also improved its score by six points since last time, so it’s this month’s biggest mover and shaker.

Back to the trend line, Amazon Music gains one position in the rankings and is now ranked seventh with a score of 72.

Also moving up one level since last time is Twitch, which now holds the No. 8 spot with a score of 70.

An app that was absent from the Top 10 last month now joins this elite group at No. 9. iHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts has done so with a score of 64.

Just one point behind that is Funimation. With a score of 63, this app holds onto the 10th position and closes out the top 10 of this month’s Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps.