Latest Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps is Close Fight

The forefront of entertainment is alive with activity and innovation. A quick glance at the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps provides a clear insight into the ever-changing landscape of the top music and video streaming platforms.

The Top 5

At the top of our rankings, we have a tie between Netflix and Youtube with a score of 87.

Amazon Prime Video and Spotify follow the leaders with a tie for second place at 85.

At No.3, we have Disney+, standing alone with a score of 82.

Pluto TV takes No.4 with a score of 79.

Scoring at 78 points ans landing in No. 5, we have Tubi.

The Top 10

No.6 is Amazon Music, which scored 72.

Peacock TV is just one point shy and one slot down at No. 7 with 71.

HBO Max snags the No. 8 spot with 69.

No.9 is Twitch: Live Game Streaming with a score of 66.

We close out our top ten with a tie between Crunchyroll and Hulu, both scoring 65.