Digital Security Playbook: Building Trust And Loyalty Online

NEW REPORT: 84 Percent Of Consumers Value Digital Security Over Checkout Friction When Shopping First Time Merchants

Digital security trumps all other concerns when consumers transact with small merchants for the first time — so much so that 84 percent want them to do whatever it takes to keep their data safe. In the Digital Security Playbook: Building Trust And Loyalty Online, PYMNTS examines how small retailers can benefit from stricter authentication measures even if they mean a tiny bit more friction at checkout.

Inside The June Playbook
  • 72 percent: Share of bridge millennials who use mobile devices to shop with their regular retailers
  • 87 percent: Portion of baby boomers and seniors who are concerned about data security with their regular merchants
  • 84 percent: Share of first-time shoppers with smaller merchants who are worried about data security

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