The Trust Quotient

NEW REPORT: How Online Merchants Build Trust With First-Time Customers

Keeping data protection front and center can help merchants put first-time customers at ease — and keep them coming back. In The Trust Quotient: How Merchant Trust Drives Shopping Behaviors, PYMNTS surveys 2,563 U.S. consumers to better understand what visual cues consumers seek — and need to build trust — when deciding to check out with a merchant they’ve never shopped before.

Inside The May Report
  • 84 percent: Share of shoppers who want small merchants to do whatever it takes to protect their data during their first transactions
  • 61 percent: Portion of bridge millennials willing to forgo extra data protection with familiar merchants because they trust them
  • 36 percent: Share of consumers who cite trust as the top determinant in their choice of familiar online merchants

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