Innovation Readiness

The Innovation Readiness Index, an i2c collaboration, measures the likelihood of FIs implementing successful payments innovation. The Index includes survey responses from more than 200 banks and financial institutions. As part of the survey, PYMNTS asked banks to tell us how successful their most recent innovations were, then ran a regression of various features and attributes of the FI to determine which had a statistically significant impact on the likelihood of an innovation being successful.

Inside The Inaugural Index
  • 36% of FIs said their existing IT infrastructure made payments innovation hard or very hard
  • 68% of FIs with less than $500 million in assets say they are well suited for innovation
  • 63% of FIs identify meeting a customer need as the main driver for innovation
  • 83% of FIs run core processing systems without a sandbox for development innovation
  • 39.7% of top innovators use sandbox-to-scale functionality