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Today In Data: Try Before You Buy With Augmented Reality

New technologies are enabling consumers to experience products in new ways before they purchase them: Lowe’s, for instance, is looking to use augmented reality (AR) technology to have consumers feel more confident about their purchases. At the same, Doctor On Demand is bringing virtual exam rooms to Walmart locations. In addition, eBay reported its third-quarter financial results, with gross merchandise value (GMV) of just under $23 billion.

Today in Data: Augmented Reality in Retail


53 percent: The share of consumers interested in using AR in the next six months.

50 percent: Lowe’s conversion rates increased by this amount after the introduction of AR.

$22.7 billion: eBay’s reported GMV amount for the third quarter.

22: The number of Walmart locations where Doctor On Demand has virtual exam rooms.

13 billion: The projected size of the global AR market by 2023.


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