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Today In Data: Making A Map For 2019 Commerce

Today in Data: Making a Map for 2019 Commerce

With a little over a week left in 2018, the brightest minds in payments and commerce are offering their last summaries on this year, and their sharpest predictions for 2019. And that landscape is very much in flux, as both consumers and small businesses are radically adjusting what they expect and require when it comes to paying or being paid. Layered over that are new and emerging regulations that will continue to raise the bar – and expectations – particularly when it comes to consumer privacy.


$100: The value of the funding Clearbanc has provided the 500 or so firms it has worked with.

150: The number of physical store locations Amazon has added in the last year.

95 percent: Share of consumers who say they’ve encountered self-checkout terminals in retail.

70 percent: Share of businesses that failed to address personal data requests following GDPR.

60 percent: Share of corporate treasurers who feel as though open banking regulations are not relevant to them.