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Today In Data: Keeping Current In An Always-Connected, On-Demand Ecosystem

Keeping Current In A Connected Retail Ecosystem

The world may not feel like a radically different place than it was at the turn of the last century – but in less than two decades, a connected world is a reformed world. The world of work is different,  the world of play is different – and what consumers want and expect from interactions of all sorts is almost entirely transformed. Digitization is the common touchpoint and the reformation of, well, everything. And with devices getting smarter – and consumers increasingly interested in intelligent machines – those connections seem set to be closer and more myriad.


$1.4 trillion: The estimated collective annual income of gig workers in 2018.

1.1 billion: The number of IoT cellular device shipments expected worldwide by 2023.

71 million: The number of smartwatches shipped in 2018 (so far).

400,500: The number of debt collection relation complaints the CFPB received between 2011 and 2018.

65.8 percent: The estimated CAGR of the global IoT insurance market through 2024.