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Today In Data: Capitalizing On The Connected Future

Today in Data: The Future of Connected Retail

From speakers to cars to video game consoles, it feels like every device is becoming a connected device. The opportunities that come along with that are often smoother retail experienceseasier commutes and more smoothly run lives with easier access to necessities. The problem with the upside is that it’s easier to ignore the downside, which in a connected world may be more ports for bad actors to attack. But since the connected future is marching forward, it seems we have no choice but to march along with it.


$212 billion: The amount 135 million consumers are already spending annually in their cars as they commute to and from work.

$273 million: Estimated revenue generated by the top five video game subscription services between July and September 2018.

92 percent: Share of subscription merchants that now offer a messaging feature.

91 percent: Share of small and medium-sized businesses polled by Nationwide that are already using some form of connected tech.

17 percent: Average amount of annual household spend that goes to healthcare from U.S. consumers.


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