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Today In Data: Banks Give Consumers Confidence Amid Data Breaches

Banks Give Consumers Confidence Amid Breaches

Banks give consumers confidence that their data won’t fall into the wrong hands when they make purchases or reservations, thanks to investments in fraud detection and prevention. At the same time, these institutions have an opportunity to build on their reputations as trusted vaults to become co-pilots for their customers. In addition, authentication products are seeking to tackle illegal eCigarette sales through ID data points, biometrics and computer intelligence. And Tiffany & Co.’s revenues fell slightly below estimates for the third quarter, while New York City is a popular destination for brands looking to open their first pop-up shops.

500 million: The number of customer records reportedly breached at Marriott.

59.5 percent: The share of brands that pick New York as the location for their first pop-up shops.

$47.1 billion: The global eCigarette and vaping market is forecasted to grow to this amount by 2025.

40 million: The approximate number of credit cards that were hacked in a Target breach in 2013.

$1.01 billion: The third-quarter revenues of Tiffany & Co., which were slightly below analysts’ estimates.