Today In Data

Today In Data: Why Convenience Is King In The Digital Age

While pricing is the battleground retailers often prefer to fight on, the race to the bottom isn’t really the way to consumers’ hearts. Price has power, but convenience often has more. Amazon has demonstrated it with explosive growth over the last five years, business travelers are willing to pay more to get more and even B2B players are getting on board with digitizing rather than taking on the expense and hassle of manual payments. Convenience drives the digital economy, and those who want to participate in its future need to get on board – or risk not having a future.


75 percent: How much businesses can save per invoice by automating instead of manually processing.

55 percent: Share of business travelers willing to pay out of pocket for additional services or privileges.

30: The maximum number of items that should be available on a mobile menu to optimize readability.

4.6 percent: Share of retail sales that Amazon currently commands.

2.1 percent: Share of total consumer spend Amazon currently commands.