Today In Data

Today In Data: Matching The Right Solution To The Right Problem

There is always a bit of a matching game going on in payments and commerce: As solutions proliferate, there’s a race to keep up with the problems that also seem to be constantly generating. For financial institutions, that problem might be the ongoing struggle to kill the check, payments’ shockingly persistent lowest common denominator. For businesses, it might mean tapping into the variety of new solutions that faster payments offer. For hospitality players – particularly hotels – it means finding ways to adapt legacy systems to new methods of payment. And for the operators of credit unions nationwide, it might mean teaming up to take on common concerns.


870 million: Number of active users Alipay boasts.

$25,000: The transaction limit size for same-day ACH.

13,000: The number of financial institutions in the U.S.

61 percent: Share of consumer spending using co-op credit cards during Prime Day.

1.3 percent: Increase in credit union loan portfolios by May 2018.