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New Ways To Do Old Things

thrift shopping second hand

Shopping isn’t new — it was one of the earliest signs of civilization — but customers keep resetting how they shop and how they even think about shopping. They’re even buying differently, rethinking things like the value of newness. But the reset button isn’t limited to commerce. Reading the news online is old — reading the news in general is older — but finding a better way to curate it? That’s still open frontier. Businesses have always needed money instantly, but now it seems there might be a way to fund that need. Sometimes it’s not about redoing; it’s about finding the right reset.


51 percent of in-store transactions are influenced by digital channels.

450 billion — The number of content recommendations Taboola pushes per month.

70 percent of small business owners report having a debit card, according to Visa.

5 percent of Intel’s annual revenue comes care of manufacturing Apple chips.

44 million — The number of women who shopped secondhand in 2017.