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Disrupting Self-Storage With Digital, Mobile Efficiencies

Disrupting Self-Storage With Digital, Mobile Efficiencies aims to bring digital and mobile efficiencies to the self-storage industry with an Airbnb-like model. In digital fraud news, new global regulations and solutions are being deployed to keep consumers, merchants and banks safe as fraudsters become more aggressive. And in retail, pizza’s popularity constitutes a driving force for ongoing innovation in the sector, while EMV’s delay has been the convenience store’s gain. All this, Today in Data.


30,000: Number of free pies that &pizza gave away to furloughed government workers during the shutdown earlier this year.

$3,248: Average amount millennial consumers lost per bank scam this past year.

$31.3B: Estimated value of global card losses due to fraud in 2018.

10 percent: Approximate share of people in the U.S. who use self-storage.

7.1B: Minimum number of EMV payment cards in circulation around the world.