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Recurring Payments, Boosting Customer Loyalty – And Merchants’ Top Lines

Recurring Payments Boost Loyalty And Top Lines

Subscription commerce, and the recurring payments tied to it, has advantages for consumers and merchants alike. There’s the lure of dependable top-line growth (and cash flow, to boot), and the ease of payment also keeps customers loyal. But as data from the latest Global Recurring Payments Tracker shows, it is important for merchants to identify and satisfy local payment preferences – or risk seeing churn rates rise.


$687.2B: Estimated value of the global streaming video market by 2024.

55%: Share of retailers who say subscriptions increase customer loyalty.

11%: Portion of B2C subscription companies that say onboarding new customers is a high priority.

7.3%: Share of streaming services subscribers who plan to end their subscriptions within the next year.

18.8%: Estimated CAGR of the global streaming market.