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Implementing Pandemic Safety Measures For Shoppers’ Comfort 

Pandemic Safety Measures For Shoppers’ Comfort

Grocers have implemented safety measures to make sure shoppers and workers can safely interact in retail locations. An increasing number of U.S. consumers, however, are not taking the risk, as grocery orders via mobile or online platforms has rapidly increased. Meanwhile, U.S. shoppers have identified the specific conditions that would make them feel more comfortable getting back to brick-and-mortar stores. All this, Today in Data.


80%: Year-to-date increase in U.S. online grocery orders compared to 2019.

63%: Portion of grocery retailers looking to increase their technology spending in 2020.

43.3%: Share of adults who do not expect their lives to return to “normal” for at least another year.

30%: Portion of American grocery shoppers using delivery options by late March.

$5.3B: Total online grocery sales generated in the U.S. between April 22-25.